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25th Anniversary Special Celebration DONORS

List of Donors
November 30, 2012

Honorary Chair
Mayor David N. Dinkins
Loida Nicolas Lewis
Shannon J. Hales, Dale LeFebvre, Phillip W. McNeal

Anonymous (2)

Sponsors Investments
J.P. Morgan

American Express
Marianne Camille Spraggins
Leslie Lewis Sword

Ariel Investments, LLC
Valentino D. Carlotti
Delle Sering and Mac Fojas
GE Asset Management
Morgan Stanley
Parsons Family Foundation
Profit Investments
Alan D. Schwartz
Gerald W. Schwartz
Ted Virtue

Host Committee
Shawn Baldwin
Lisa Downing
Roderick Hardamon
Aren and Aliya LeeKong
Bill Lomax
Sheila Lirio Marcelo
Sadiq Murray
Mike Muse
Myles A. Pressey III
Jerry Sibal
Dawanna Williams

William Bailey
Lin Bildner
Aaron Dean
Angela K. Dorn
Rico Garcia
Dawne Grannum
Kevin Gray
Tina Hahn
Byron Lewis
Londell McMillan
Reggie Miller
Arthur Nisbeth
Clarence Otis
Samuel P. Peabody
William Slattery
Stephanie Smith
Adrienne Unae
Denmark West
Constance Comer Whitfield
Christopher Williams
Jaime Wright

Bimal Amin
William Biddle
Dean Blackman
Donna Byrd
Kesha Cash
Robert China
Luther Clarke
Sanford Cloud Jr Esq
Ayanna Clunis
Selena Cuffe
Craig Eastmond
York Eggleston
Toni Fay
Tony Florence
Kevin Fritz
Darrell Gay
Charlynn Goins
Zara Green
Ira Hall
Scott Healy
Kristin Hein
Sidney Holmes
Terrence Horton
Dorothy Jones
Isabel R. Juan
Emmit McHenry
Ackneil M. Muldrow, III
Monique Nelson
Jorge Ortoll
Cheryl Packwood
Orinthia Perkins
Alexis Perlas
Niles Perlas
Blondell Pinnock
Stephanie Reid
Pam Robertson
Risa Ryger
Frank Savage
Juanita Shell-Peterson
Corwin Shropshire
Dawn R. Simmons
Wesley Smith
Larry M. Sutton
Mark Tatum
James Thorton
Jacqueline Williams
Deborah Wright
Mollie Zweig

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